About This “Blog”

This is where I can ramble about stuff like music, motorcycles, lifehacks (getting through life on a budget… Ya know… ghetto living). Need an example?? How about, taking a paper towel you dried your hands off with at work, taking it home and tearing it in fourths so you have “napkins” for dinner?

This blog isn’t focused around a topic. I know, that’s “wrong,” but, whatever. I just wanna share my enthusiasm for music, motorcycles, lifehacks and aggregate random thoughts (I’ve set aside space for “Random” stuff… into which I can squeeze anything).

About Me

I love music, enjoy motorcycles and often resort to lifehacks to make it through the day… I’m an awkward, guitar-slingin’, motorbike-ridin’ rivethead and guitarist for Zombies Ate My Nation and Crimson Ivy.┬áBy day, I work with video encoders. I love roadtrips, hiking, chocolate and coffee. ‘Nuff said.

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