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5 Lifehacks to Get You Through The Week

I removed all previous lifehack posts… beause they were dumb. Not that any posts from here on will be any better.

But here are 5 lifehacks that will make your week easier:

  1. Set half a dozen alarms at five-minute intervals with different tones to get you up in the morning. One is bound to wake you up. Bonus: Place the alarm clock (phone, for most of us) at the other end of the room so you HAVE to physically get up to shut it off. Extra Bonus: Set one of those alarms an HOUR before you need to get up. This way, you can get the satisfaction of getting up and telling yourself,… “Ahhhh! I’ve still got another hour to sleep!”
  2. Pick out tomorrow’s clothes tonight. This way, when you get up late because you slept through all your alarms anyway, you won’t have to spend any time looking for clothes to wear.
  3. Cook a buttload of chicken and rice before the work week and you’ll have less cooking to do during the week. Mix things up a bit every day by nuking different frozen veggies.
  4. If at any point in the day you have an opportunity to take a nap, TAKE A FREAKIN’ NAP! You’re going to be up all night anyway, and research has shown that those who get more rest are better off than those who don’t.
  5. Wipe your MP3 player clean of all music and RELOAD the thing for motivation at the gym! Mix it up a bit! Hell, set the thing on RANDOM! –> Tonight, I’ll be pumping iron to Weird Al!

There you go! FIVE useless lifehacks and I feel better for having posted something today!

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