I’ll write about whatever the hell I want in here. I’ll probably be useless stuff, but in case it’s of any interest to you… READ ON!

2013 Goals, Dreams & Other Logic-Defying Ventures


2012 was much better than 2011. I almost wanna give New Year’s Resolutions a break this year. But I won’t… I’ve busted out my pen and pad and started plotting this year’s calamities. Here’s my kill-list (in no particular order):

  1. Sleep more
  2. Polish up this stupid site
  3. Write more
  4. Kick up my music projects a notch
  5. Organize my apartment
  6. Solve the keeping-kitty-litter-in-the-litter-box riddle
  7. Set aside time to read
  8. Stop over-analyzing
  9. Hang with a “bro”
  10. Do some art

That’s it! And that’s all you need to know, really. If you do want to know more… read on! Otherwise, exit stage left.

So, you want to know more, eh?? Ok…

  1. Sleep more
    I rarely get more than 5.5 hours of sleep. I’m tired at work and not always as alert as I should be. This will be my toughest goal!
  2. Polish up this stupid site
    I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done with the site, but want to patch up some holes and add a bit of spicey (yes, “spicey”). Not that anyone will bother to visit this site, but it’ll make me happy to know it looks the way I want it to look.
  3. Write more
    Here’s a goal I had last year. I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped to… BUT I wrote more than I thought I would! I just want to get to the point where I’m comfortable writing stuff off-the-cuff without thinking too much about it. I’d read: to become a better writer, you gotta write and keep writing! Doesn’t matter that it’s not “good,” but the simple act gets things flowing. Over time, I’m guaranteed to be writing like Neil Gaiman!
  4. Kick up my music projects a notch
    I joined Zombies Ate My Nation last year to fill in as guitarist. I had a great time and I hope we’ll play again, but with the leader moving to LA, I’m not sure how involved I’ll be any more. SO… I figured I should do my own project! One which I can take responsibility for, decide the direction of and have a more creative hand in!
  5. Organize my apartment
    When I said “sleep more” would be the toughest, I lied. Keeping my apartment clean and organized is actually a much more daunting task. I want guests to come over without having to clear a path from the door to the living room. More so, I’d liked to pimp it out in the darkest of dark dark stuff… Ya know, like you’d step inside and think, “Is it Halloween??” That or some king of “zen” theme… I haven’t really decided yet.
  6. Solve the keeping-kitty-litter-in-the-litter-box riddle
    Little irks me more than stepping on kitty litter with bare feet! This disgusts me! GAH! I feel like I might as well be stepping into the litter box! I need to find a way to keep all the litter INSIDE the litter box and not let my living room become a kitty litter beach!
  7. Set aside time to read
    I find myself on the computer late at night right up to the point where I pass out and go to bed. I’ve got a ton of cool books (non-fiction) that I want to read. I keep telling myself I’ll get to them, but, really, I just need to set aside some time to get to them. I’ll start with this one.
  8. Stop over-analyzing
    This stops me dead in my tracks 90% of the time… I look into EVERY possible way to do something and EVERY possible outcome. STOP IT!! Just DO IT!! I gotta stop caring that it won’t be perfect the first time around.
  9. Hang with a “bro”
    I counted the number of times last year that I hung out with a “bro.” Ya know, just go out and get a drink or a bite and shoot the shit. So, how many times did I do this last year?? … ZERO!! … Yeah, that’s a really sucky number. I’ve done group activities, but other than with my significant other, I haven’t hung out with a “buddy.” I’ve got plenty of “bros” I can hang with. I just gotta make the effort.
  10. Do art
    What kind of art?? I dunno… ANY kind! Painting, sculpting, mixed media art, sketching… I think any of that would get my creative juices flowing once again.

There you have it! I could write a whole blog post on each of the above, but I wanna keep it simple, keeping in line with one of my goals.

A Halloween Treat from Calabrese


No tricks… just an awesome treat from Calabrese who JUST released their video for “The Dead Don’t Rise!”

HOLY S__T! I LOVE THIS VIDEO! Check it! ^v^

I Failed at Point Break but Still Came Out a Winner

Ever get that insatiable urge to watch a movie… that you don’t own?? My girlfriend and I had the urge last night to watch Point Break, completely out-of-the-blue. No big deal… Let’s check Netflix. Not there… Hulu? Not there…

Still… no big deal. Video rental shops are still open. Checked the usual: Multiple Blockbuster locations: Blu-ray only (I’m behind the times and don’t have a Blu-ray player). Other local video rentals? Nope.

We were SOL

All we could do was search YouTube in hopes of finding the movie in consecutive parts? Nope…

Today, I searched music stores all over town to no avail.




YES!!! A Scanner Darkly, Unbreakable and the first Die Hard!

I quickly forgot about Point Break in the excitement to watch these! I think I’ll start with Unbreakable!

2/1/2012 Update: A good friend of mine GAVE me his copy of Point Break on VHS tape! :D I said I was behind the time because I don’t have a Blu-Ray player, and though I still own a VCR, I felt slightly ahead of the technological curve because I actually had to hook the thing up. Does that make any sense?? Ah, whatever…


I’ve Reclaimed My Title as Mayor of Lion Market!

That’s right! I’m Mayor of Lion Market on Foursquare once again!

I was mayor of Lion Market for most of last year, actually. Then, on the evening of Saturday, November 19th, I got a message on my iPhone…

What?? Seriously?? “No problem!” I thought… I’m a regular here. I check in at least once a week. I’ll reclaim mayorhsip in no time!

But, no. Every time I’d check in Steven would have checked in at least two or three times. Within days, we were separated by 15+ check-ins. WHAT?? Why is this guy at Lion Market so much?? Does he WORK there??

After a week, I quit worrying… No use adding stress to my life because someone was visiting my local market more frequently than I. But then, last week, I noticed I was just a few days away from being mayor again! :D With every visit, I was well aware that I was one day closer to mayorship! And, lo! Yesterday, as I checked in, I received the notification I was waiting for!

“Congrats! You just stole the title of Mayor of Lion Supermarket from Steven V.!”

Oh, yeah… I am, once again, rightful Mayor of Lion! Not that is matters to anyone else but me.

I know… random and not worth posting or reading about,… but I’m trying to keep up with my 2012 Resolutions here! lol


2012 Resolutions

I know… It’s a little late to post about resolutions. This means I’m already slacking on MY resolutions, but I have a few for 2012:

  1. Get organized!
  2. Work harder on music!
  3. Write more online!
  4. Downsize junk!

This is my 4-step plan to personal success for 2012. If at the end of the year, I can look back and say I’ve done these things, this will be a HUGE success! I’m promising myself to measure each of these, ‘cause I ain’t gonna tackle ‘em all in a day! (I haven’t actually decided on ways to measure each, yet, but I will!)

I went through great lengths to describe each challenge and plan, but who cares? This is for me…

With this post, I’m actively tackling resolution #3! My writing skills have atrophied along with my childhood dreams of flying like Superman, but I at least have a chance at writing well.

2012 is already looking pretty awesome and there’s tons I want to do! SO!… Here we go!


YouTube Muted My Zombie Crawl Audio

I captured some moments of last week’s San Jose Zombie Crawl and spent all night syncing what limited footage I had to some audio clips from the Shaun of the Dead Soundtrack.

YouTube now seems to scanthe audio of your uploads to check for copyrighted music.

Apparently this has been going on a while (as noted in this Mashable article), but I haven’t YouTubed in a couple of years. (Here’s my new account)

I selected some random YouTube-approved, third-party music clip to replace the audio, which sorta killed the experience, but whatever… =/

Anyhow,… here’s the clip from the Zombie Crawl to debut my new YouTube account!

For my friends that I might see, I’d love to show my intended version of the clip… I have it on my iPhone so I can show you! :)

As always, if you appear in any of my photos or videos and would like to be removed, let me know and I’ll make it so.

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